A client working on Woody the saddle horse

Your position has huge impact on the way your horse can move underneath you. Your spinal alignment influences every aspect of your riding, from where your legs are positioned on the horse’s sides to how you can apply a half halt aid. 

Biomechanical restriction causes poor posture and vice versa-if any of the deep muscles in your core, and even muscles in your arms and legs which are connected in muscular chains through your core are in spasm or tight (there’s a difference!), it really affects how you absorb the shock of your horse’s movement, for example in the sitting trot. If you aren’t absorbing shock really evenly through the front/back and left/right of your body, it blocks the thrust coming from his hindquarters through his spine and affects his movement.

Biomechanical restriction affects your ‘loading’, or weight distribution. If your weight is unevenly distributed over both sides of the horse, perhaps loaded forward or back of the vertical line of gravity or you find it more difficult to turn your body one way compared to the other (or all of those things!) your body will be giving signals to the horse to move in a certain way, even if you aren’t aware of it. Even tiny deviations have an impact on how you and your horse work together.  

Many riders spend a fortune on having their horses treated by the physio/chiropractor, their saddles checked and refitted regularly and yet are unaware of the huge impact their own riding has on their horse’s ability to move freely and whether the treatment of the physio/chiro/saddle fitter is effective on a long term basis. As one half of the partnership, it is important that your body functions to the best of its ability. It is also vital that you ride your horse in a biomechanically helpful way which develops his training mentally and physically, to ensure that the money you spend on his welfare is not wasted.

Sometimes trainers struggle to correct their client’s positions because the root cause is not addressed; this can be frustrating for trainer, rider and horse! People sometimes struggle for years with exactly the same issues; specialist knowledge of human anatomy and movement AND how you use your body whilst riding, plus how the horse influences you is required to help you make the necessary changes. This is where we come in.

Through carefully selected exercises and programmes in group classes or one-to-one sessions, I will support you in your Equipilates™ journey to develop your body into a more balanced, more co-ordinated, more elegant, more efficient and functionally stronger version of itself. With my help you can make more difference to your riding than you ever thought possible!

We are an Equipilates studio based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire


The Equipilates jacket is used to analyse the position, alignment and centre of the rider
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