HIITlates is a mixture of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates. After we warm up and following a burst of a HIIT exercise we use Pilates to recover and lower the heart rate. This is done over 3 rounds and is finished with a different “challenge” before a cool down session.

Each class is different so you’ll never get bored!

HIIT training has been shown to improve athletic capacity, burn fat fast, improve lean muscles and increase your metabolism for up to 24hrs after the class. This means you continue to burn calories even when you’ve gone home!

Research from The American College of Sports Medicine has showed that a 25 minute session of HIIT promotes more health benefits than a typical “long” workout of an hour more.

As HIITlates uses Pilates as recovery you also experience the excellent benefits of Pilates.

Take a look at our timetable to see when our HIITlates classes are on.

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